Dipali & Arindam

July 1, 2017

“Planning a wedding (especially a “desi wedding”) can be absolute pandemonium! Two families, countless vendors, near impossible logistics, and a plethora of expert opinions, make it really hard to navigate an already unfamiliar process.

We needed help, and set out on a search for a wedding planner. There were plenty of vendors to pick from, and ultimately, we decided on Shivani and the Shayosa team because of their experience, and more importantly, Shivani’s ability to inspire confidence in that moment that “every was going to be okay”.

We weren’t wrong, and in the coming months she was helpful with dealing with difficult vendors, served as the voice of our respective families, made sure we didn’t overlook a single detail, and put together an amazing wedding day. And when it came to big day, her team was superb in execution; turning pandemonium into a flawlessly executed wedding that our guests can’t stop raving about!

Thank you Shivani, and the Shayosa team!

Highly recommended to anyone!”

Studio Nine Photography