Divya & Rohan

June 2, 2018

“Overall Shivani was pleasant to work with! She’s someone who anyone can easily get along with, which is super important when you are spending as much time as you do with your wedding planner. She got along with our parents really nicely but was also a good mediator when required, and given the many opinions that can be important.

Shivani does a really good job of organizing and setting up meetings that work with both the vendor and our schedules, which made our lives easier! She was always flexible with her schedule and accommodated us however she could – if it was timing or location. She had some good vendor options and tried to ensure we were happy with what we were getting. We also really valued her opinion and suggestions when we were unsure about decor or timing as she’s had a lot more experience in it all. Shivani also had a good high-level day of itinerary which we worked on together.

During the day of the wedding her and her team were there to tend to us. Especially given the hectic day for the bride, they were around to help with whatever was needed – they even picked-up some food on the way to the venue! Her team helped with setting-up the reception place cards which was no easy task. With any task at hand Shivani and her team made us feel comfortable as they knew what they were doing and didn’t need to be given much direction. We are really happy she was party of our wedding planning experience!

Thank you for all of your help :)”

Pandya Photography